So apparently, I’ve decided to put my #Sagatimes on this blog instead of the other one. Be prepared for the other one later today. Or just go to the other one.

(Argh getting my life together is hard, getting my blogs to match up is hard, and getting people to look at both is hard because they depend on each other sometimes…)

This was the first one, back when I had no better name for it than #Storytime.


Once upon a midnight dreary, there lived a fish in a pumpkin fish bowl. It was sad and lonely because it had no one to talk to.

The fish looked at the sky a lot and decided, most of the time, that it liked it. It wanted to go and see the world.

And so, under the starry midnight sky, the fish began to nibble ferociously at its pumpkin fish bowl.

(Well — after all, it was hungry.)

Within a week, the fishbowl had nearly been nibbled through. Under the same starry night sky, the fish poked its mouth through the wall of the pumpkin fishbowl, and the orange layer cracked. Water crashed out of the bowl in a little glassy puddle, leaving the fish spluttering on the ground. And it was left there, staring at the forever black midnight sky.

It decided that it didn’t like it very much.


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