To Tea or Not To Tea

…which just about sums up my ability to make puns.


I am a big fan of tea. Tea is great. Tea is glorious. Tea is why the British Empire came to rule the world. Tea is why they took over China. Asian tea is great too. It consists of DRIED LEAVES onto which you pour WATER and you most definitely do not put milk in it.

My dad says tea makes your teeth turn yellow. Which, according to the internet, it does. But who cares about the color of my teeth? Who’s going to come up to me and say, your teeth are green, I hate you? That’s stupid and sad and depressing and things like that.

And he doesn’t let me drink tea. He drinks tea. He doesn’t let me.

So I made this piece in protest, because I save EVERYTHING, apparently including tea bag wrappers:

(the origami swans are Trader Joe’s Earl Grey tea, the box is also Trader Joe’s Earl Grey tea, the handle is a peach and passionfruit tea that my friend gave me. So is the tea bag inside the cup.)

I’m really pissed about this. It feels like my dad never thinks about me, my interests, what I do and only cares about my grades, my looks, my future income.

I’m supposed to be in eighth grade right now. I’m currently in ninth grade. *Technically* I’m an year ahead — the cutoff date when i started school was December 3rd. My birthday is three days after the cutoff date. Well. It’s today.

I asked my parents why they skipped me ahead three days once. My mom said that I was smart and would be bored, which is true. My dad said that if I started the year earlier, I would have ONE MORE YEAR THAN MY FRIENDS TO EARN MONEY.

What kind of logic is that?

Look, my future income is important and all that, but I also want to be happy. And if I fall in love, I don’t want them to judge me by the color of my teeth.


THE BLOG IS SNOWING!!! YOU CAN SET IT TO IN THE SETTINGS: MY SITES > SETTINGS > OTHER > HOLIDAY SNOW. You can’t see it well on this site. Go to the Other One, which has a blue background, and you can see it a lot better and fanperson over the beauty of circular snowflakes drifting down the screen.


Other weird thing I have noticed: if you’re on Twitter on your phone and at the top of your feed and you swipe down, there is this swish-poppy sound. It is amazingly satisfying.


All right. I owe you guys haikus. A lot of them.


The rain has come to

California, finally

The sky is shrouded.


Tea is excellent for

drowning tears and worries so

go now and boil some.


It’s my birthday and

a Sunday. I don’t know which

will occur first.



Love. And hugs. Whichever you prefer.


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