There is this thing that Joanne Harris does on Twitter called #Storytime. It involves writing a story in tweets in real time. Bring cake and tea.

I like this idea. A lot. So I’m doing it myself. On Twitter. Because Twitter is probably my favorite social media platform.  Except I’m calling it #sagatime because I don’t like the sound of #storytime. Probably is going to be the only time I ever use hashtags on Twitter.

In general, done because of procrastination. So if I am Sagatiming, I am probably procrastinating, and you may yell at me to get on with my life.


So. If interested, I am @cynthiazeodd. Sometime I will get around to figuring out the Twitter widget, but for now… that’s all. Eep.

(also, if you have a better name than #sagatime, comment/tweet/somehow email me. Though how you’ve gotten hold of my email beats me. Really. That’s amazingly stalkerish. Unless I have given you my email.)


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