The Christmas Thing 2015

Cool cognate: þing (pronounced “thing”) in Old Norse (other Germanic/moderner languages uncertain) means gathering. ~ Here is the final Christmas thing: I actually like it a lot, and so it’s on Tablo too: (with a cover. and yet another explanation of sagatime. and “chapter” titles.) ~ If you missed the English bits from the end of… Continue reading The Christmas Thing 2015


an update on blogish things

No puedo escribir/hablar el español. También no puedo usar las computadoras. Y muchos de Ustedes no saban porque este es español muy, muy, muy mal. Por lo general, cosas se escriben en inglés en la Red. No me gusta este. Pienso que más debe escribir en otros idiomas, y por eso voy a escribir en… Continue reading an update on blogish things

Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather

Sorry I couldn't get this story to you earlier. Parental problems. Those are lemons. Slightly demented, orange-looking lemons. More specifically, the lemons mentioned in the earlier blog post. You know, the ones my friend told me to pick and then didn’t pick up? (not because she was a bad friend, just because no stores were… Continue reading Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather

To Tea or Not To Tea

...which just about sums up my ability to make puns. ~ I am a big fan of tea. Tea is great. Tea is glorious. Tea is why the British Empire came to rule the world. Tea is why they took over China. Asian tea is great too. It consists of DRIED LEAVES onto which you… Continue reading To Tea or Not To Tea