Book Update 1

To tell the truth, I’ve already finished writing the story. Twice, actually. But I keep reading, and it turns out that other people have already stolen my plots. Culprits: American Gods, Neil Gaiman (it’s awesome and deep and dark but adult. If you haven’t read it, do) (this actually happened twice, but I caught myself halfway through the second one) and Runemarks, Joanne Hairris (ridiculously funny, the sort of book you aren’t sure of the audience range for)  (also wrote The Gospel of Loki, henceforth known in my fanpersoning as “Lokabrenna,” because that’s her chosen Old Norse name for it) (just read it/them and ignore the people staring at you because you’re reading a “children’s book”).

Enough fanpersoning. Currently, the book is in a state of Not Done. About 20% Not Done. And I’m procrastinating.

Also, NaNoWriMo, which I somehow decided to do.

Also, writing for my school’s literary magazine – the first draft of which I should probably finish now.

And here’s a haiku, because this is the first bloggy post I have written and I really don’t know how to write bloggy posts:

I do not know what

I am doing though I am

Still doing weird things.

I guess I’m going to blog into the void of cyperspace and ignore the fact that practically no one reads this?


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